Hiring manager access

This kind of access gives you access to a filtered set of applications with the best ratings. We want managers to be able to reach out to applicants directly.

The number of applicants is growing daily and we are looking for hiring managers to vote for candidates and provide them with feedback.

I just want to take a look!

Anyone can register as a candidate and take a look at an unfiltered database, including spam messages and fake applications (or applicants that are not looking for a job, but interested in feedback only). It feels good enough to "take a look." 🙃

Hiring manager benefits

With this status, one can see all applications with the best ratings from people that are actually looking for a job right now. Hiring managers are also able to contact applicants via verified email directly.

I get it! Please add me

We have an invitation-only policy to keep our service good for the community.

Please tell us about your company and use your corporate email address to register.