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recruiter inbox emulator

Mintblaster: rate resumes and get feedback

Let’s help each other to improve our resumes and portfolios. It is essential to get some feedback before you apply. This basic mechanism already helped 500+ designers.

Before you apply for a job

Get feedback from other professionals. Test more versions of your resume and compare their scores. Better safe than sorry!

How recruiters see your resume?

This app emulates the inbox of a recruiter, but with very simplified UI: just three buttons. As you rate other resumes, you will understand how it feels by another party.

Learn from others

Rate other resumes, provide feedback if you feel like it. Learn to spot bad patterns to avoid them in your resume.

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How it works

Help others even if you are not looking for a job

Provide valuable feedback just by rating other resumes. This is an anonymous way of helping the community without relation to your current job or corporate guidelines you might experience as constraints. If you feel like you know how a person can improve their resume or portfolio, please comment! They will see your input, again, coming from an anonymous source.

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Privacy: We don’t share your real email with anybody

Unless you paste it into a resume deliberately, nobody can tell if the resume belongs to a real person. We don’t share your registration email address.